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Copic Markers Sketch - Colourless Blender


Copic Markers Sketch - Colourless Blender

This Copic Sketch Marker has an oval body profile for roll resistance making it ideal for working on a range of surface types. It features both a medium broad nib and a brush nib so you can deliver a wide range of markings. The colourless blender is perfect for use with other Copic Markers to create unique pieces of work.
  • It has a brush nib and a medium broad nib for blending and various marking types.
  • These markers are perfect for a variety of art styles including illustration, manga, fine art and more.
  • The ink dries acid-free, ensuring that it lasts longer and does not interact with your paper.
  • The marker is printed with the colour name and number, making it easy to find the right one.
  • You can replace the nibs and refill the ink, making it a long lasting option.
  • This marker is known by the code 0 and is a colourless blender.
  • This colourless blender can be used to remove excess colour from the page.
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VIDEO below: Learn how to use the Copic® Colorless Blender solution and some old materials to give your stamped images texture. Author Colleen Schaan and editor Tanya Fox will demonstrate a fun and easy technique that will help bring your stamped images to life. This technique is one of many that you can learn from the Copic Coloring Guide Level 3: People.