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Copic Colour Swatch Book


 Copic Colour Swatch Book

Organise and catalogue your Copics with the latest Copic Colour Swatch Book!

Printed on X-Press It Blending Card to ensure that the colours are true to life, this handy book can travel in your handbag anytime you visit your local art or craft store or even to the next Papercraft Show! With your current colours inside, you'll never have to worry about buying the same marker twice and can continue to grow your collection!

What to do?



Inside the Copic Swatch Book, you'll find each page is dedicated to one of the Colour Families - in this first picture is the Blue-Violet Family. Colour each rectangle with the colours you own. You'll see some rectangles have a symbol in the corner to indicate a Ciao (round), Original (square) or Wide Marker (oval).  In the picture below you'll see that I've coloured in some of the circles with a Copic Multiliner to indicate that that particular colour is a Ciao Marker. If the symbols are blank or there are no symbols, then the colour is a Sketch Marker.

TIP - Don't forget to fold the flap at the back under the page you are colouring to prevent bleeding through to the page below!

Complete each page with your Copic Markers, this not only makes a quick reference guide when purchasing, but the true colours also help with colour matching as you colour your projects. This Red-Violet page is complete - note that some of the symbols have been coloured in to indicate a Ciao Marker.

This Yellow-Green page has some blank rectangles which indicate some gaps in my collection, a visual clue when buying more for my collection.

Also note that the cover with it's fabulous geometric design is also printed on X-Press It Blending Card and can be coloured in your favourite colour combinations - I've gone with a soothing blue/green/violet combination including colouring the background!

The finished cover!! Of course you don't have to follow this colour palette - choose something that reflects your personality and tastes!