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X-Press It - Copic Air Brushing System: Air Compressor Auto


Copic Air Brushing System: Air Compressor Auto

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  • Copic Air-Brushing System (ABS) allows you to create an “air-brush”effect easily. Simply snap a Copic Classic or Copic Sketch marker into the system and you are ready to go.
    • Output of Motor: 80w
    • HP of Motor: 1/8HP
    • Maximum Pressure: 80 PSI
    • Normal Working Pressure: 0 -50 PSI
    • Airflow Volume: 20 Lpm
    • Noise: 50DB
    • Dimensions: 280x145x170 mm
    • Auto cut off switch when at pressure
    • Includes coil hose.

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    • The marker must be attached in the correct direction. Copic Classic must be inserted from “Broad Nib” side. Copic Sketch must be inserted from “Medium Broad Nib” side.
    • Use in an area with good air circulation.
    • Copic markers are alcohol based. Keep away from open flame.
    • Air Can are under pressure. Do not puncture.
    • To attach Air Grip to Air Can, use the D60.
    • Do not spray on people or animals.