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Conte à Paris - Crayons Set - Colour Assorted Portrait Set of 12


Conte à Paris - Crayons Set - Colour Assorted Portrait Set of 12

  • Conte Crayons offer rich vivid colours that mix together nicely and can produce a range of effects. Their rich opacity makes them ideal for work on darker papers and their quality ensures the longevity of drawings.
  • Visually capture an expression in time using the Portrait Crayon Set by Conté à Paris. Conté Crayons are slightly harder and thinner than traditional soft pastels.
  • These characteristics make them ideally suited to drawing and sketching. Their hardness allows for more crisp, detailed linework and hatching technique. 
  • Conté Crayons encourage intentional color strokes versus layered blending to preserve color brightness. Build value on both white and colored papers using the assorted range of colors.
  • The Portrait Conté Crayon Set of 12 includes ultramarine blue, umber, red toned Bordeaux, red brown, Saturn red, scarlet, gold yellow, Naples yellow, flesh, orange lake, rose, and garnet.
  • Firm, thin stick for crisp, controlled linework.
  • Capture light and shadow with hatching and cross-hatching techniques.
  • Color selection for skin tones, hair, and eye colors for portraiture.
  • Appropriate for either white or colored papers.
  • Apply strokes of color side by side.
  • Dimensions (Overall): 2.5 inches (L) x .25 inches (W)

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