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ColorBox® INK Premium Dye Mini Ink-pads


ColorBox® INK Premium Dye Mini Inkpads

ColorBox® INK Premium Dye Mini Ink-pads

Manufacturer Description

At Clearsnap®, we love color! And finding new ways to help our customers add color to craft projects is our passion. From our beginnings in a garage workshop more than 20 years ago, we've grown into a leading US manufacturer in the paper crafts industry.

With the ColorBox® line of inkpads, Clearsnap introduced many features common on today's inkpads, such as the raised inking surface which allows the use of any size inkpad with any size stamp. Cat's Eye® inkpads brought high quality inks to the market at an affordable price. Petal Point® and Paintbox® inkpads offer removable plates or petals in a multi-color palette.

Clearsnap uses only the finest quality materials in our products. When we develop a new inkpad, applicator or embellishment, we put it through its paces. We invite some of the best, most experienced and demanding artists to test it for us. Products that survive and shine through this process make it into our catalog and onto our web site.

Product Description

Dye inks look, feel, and behave a bit like water. They are clear and brilliant; they soak right into the project surface, and they dry in a heartbeat. The are perfect for last minute card making emergencies. Consider them the workhorse of the ink world. ColorBox® dye inks offer:

  • Consistent color saturation for images that POP
  • Fast-drying and crisp stamped images
  • Blending versatility
  • Translucent properties - perfect for watercolor effects
  • Luscious, acid-free colours
  •  Mini Ink Pads

    • Twelve easy-to-hold mini ink pads
    • Beautiful color saturation
    • Juicy pads for crisp, bold images
    • Premium dye dries quickly on paper
    • Easy clean up with water
    • Dimensions: L 2.75" x W 1.5" x D 1"

    ColorBox® INK Premium Dye Mini Ink-padsColorBox® INK Premium Dye Mini Ink-pads

    ColorBox® INK Premium Dye Mini Ink-pads