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Catherine Pooler - Marble Swirl Stamp Set


Catherine Pooler - Marble Swirl Stamp Set.


  • The Marble Swirl stamp set has all that incredible marble texture split apart so that you can piece your background together how you want to

  • Each piece perfectly fits into the next
  • Try adding some metallic or embossed bits for variety to your colour palette
  • You'll love how many looks you can get from one stamp set!
  • The Marble Swirlstamp set has seven (7) clear stamp images: 
  1.    3 marble swirl images - largest measuring 5 7/8 x 3 3/8 inches
  2.    1 solid sentiment block
  3.    3 sentiment images
  4.    let it be, go with the flow, c'est la vie
      • Stamp set measures 6 x 8 inches