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Carl Heavy-Duty Rotary Trimmer 12"


Carl Heavy-Duty Rotary Trimmer 12"

  • CARL BRANDS-Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer.
  • This green friendly trimmer cuts cardstock, artist board, plastic sheets and more.
  • This paper trimmer can cut up to thirty-six sheets of paper.
  • Adjustable magnetic paper guide holds materials on a calibrated metal base board.
  • This 16-1/2x21x4-1/2 inch package contains one heavy duty rotary trimmer with a twelve inch cutting length, a patented locking rail mechanism and luminous paper holder made of light harvesting acrylic that makes cutting easy and accurate, a storage compartment for extra blades and mats, one spare cutting mat, one straight blade and one perforating blade. 
  • Imported.

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