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Carabelle Studio Art Texture - Petales Texture Plate


Carabelle Studio Petales Texture Plate

This Petals texture plate (also called ‘Art Printing‘) by Carabelle Studio is a thin rubber unmounted stamp you can use:

  • To make awesome impressions in polymer clay (roll it through your pasta machine)
  • As a stamp with ink and paint in your mixed media journal, greeting cards and art tags
  • To create fun texture when gelli printing: just press the texture plate into wet paint on your gel plate (it fits perfectly on the 5×7 in gel plate!)
  • With your embossing machine for even more possibilities!

The strip is very flexible which allows you to press parts of the design by hand wherever you need a little texture on your art journal pages or canvas.

Texture plates are easy to clean and store: simply immerse it in water!
This one measures approx. 9 cm x 14 cm.
If you wanted to make the plate more rigid like a regular stamp, you could simply glue it to a wood off cut.