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Carabelle Studio Art Printing - Art Printing Square: Twist by Alexi


Carabelle Studio Art Printing - Art Printing Square: Twist by Alexi

  • This square 6’’ rubber texture is developed for use in combination with Gel Plates. The 6'' square size combines perfectly with the Gel Press 6’'. Create textured and colourful backgrounds on all your creative projects: Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Art Journal, Card Making, DIY...
  • Get a wide variety of results with this texture designed by Alexi.
  • The range of Art Printing textures was invented by Carabelle Studio in partnership with Gel Press.
  • Art Printing Square 6’’


  • Put ink or acrylic paint on your gel plate with a brayer.
  • Apply delicately the texture on the gel plate.
  • Put a light pressure on the whole and then remove the texture.
  • Place your support (paper, fabric...) on the mono printing plate.
  • Exert a light pressure on your media again.
  • Remove your support and that's it!

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