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Carabelle Studio Art Printing - 6" Square - Patchwork by B Koopsen


Carabelle Studio Art Printing  -  6" Square - Patchwork

  • This square 6’’ rubber texture is developed for use in combination with Gel Plates. The 6'' square size combines perfectly with the Gel Press 6’' (GP10800).
  • Create textured and colourful backgrounds on all your creative projects: Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Art Journal, Card Making, DIY...
  • Get a wide variety of results with this texture designed by Birgit Koopsen.
  • The range of Art Printing textures was invented by Carabelle Studio in partnership with Gel Press.
  • To create fun texture when Gelli Printing: just press the texture plate into wet paint on your gel plate.
  • Put ink or acrylic paint on your gel plate with a brayer.
  • Apply delicately the texture on the gel plate.
  • Put a light pressure on the whole and then remove the texture.
  • Place your support (paper, fabric...) on the mono printing plate.
  • Exert a light pressure on your media again.
  • Remove your support and that's it !

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