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Brutus Monroe - Ken Oliver - Colour Bursts - Watercolour Pigment Powder


Brutus Monroe - Ken Oliver - Colour Bursts - Watercolour Pigment Powder - Jack O Lantern

The Brutus Monroe essentials Colorburst pack is an exclusive colour palette created just using our existing surface colour spectrum of colours.

    Brutus Monroe - Ken Oliver - ColorBursts

    Color Burst is a concentrated microfine watercolour pigment powder that is non toxic and acid free.

    • The powders come in small plastic bottles with an application tip that only dispenses a tiny bit of powder at a time so you know you won’t waste any of it.
    • They are SO FUN to use and a tiny bit of powder goes a long way.
    • You too can now create flowing watercolour effects without needing any skill or technique!
    • As for Ken Oliver… He is an American artist specialising in watercolour, paper crafting, altered art, mixed media book binding and craft projects


    Color Bursts give you new ways to create stunning watercolour techniques!

    • Spritz your project with water then sprinkle the powder on top to create amazing and truly unique effects
    • Try sprinkling the Colour Burst powder on dry paper then spritzing some water over it to create a different look
    • Dissolve the powder with water in a spray bottle to create your own colourful spray mists (this allows you to create exactly the intensity of colour you need)
    • Add a little powder to a plastic palette then a little water to dissolve it and you have your very own watercolour ready to go! You can even mix the powders to create your own colours
    • Use Ken's Water Spritzer for that result you are looking for.

    Brutus Monroe - Ken Oliver - ColorBursts

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