Art Impressions - Office Party Stamp Set

Art Impressions - Office Party Stamp Set

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Office Party Stamp Set

Celebrate office birthdays with our Office Party Set! Clear stamp set.


  • Lady at desk with wearing a party hat,
  • Office worker woman holding coffee,
  • Clipboard, notepad and pencil, balloons,
  • Sentiments:  “Happy Birthday” “Let’s Celebrate!” “Congrats to you!” “A birthday wish from all of us!” “Thanks for the note about the email about the text about the voicemail you left me!” “Happy birthday co-worker!” “Here’s to another year of keeping each other sane!” “Here’s to shorter to-do lists & longer office parties!” “Happy birthday to a co-worker who doesn’t annoy me!” “It’s nice to come to work on Monday after stressing about work all weekend.” “You’re my favourite co-worker… after the coffee machine!”
Art Impressions - Office Party Stamp Set

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