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Art Glitter - Holographic Glitter


Art Glitter - Holographic Glitter

To view and purchase different colours, please use the scroll down menu above. Each colour is sold separately. 


Holographic glitters offer a metallic finish with a secondary rainbow finish that gives you a dazzling effect! 

Refracted for a full spectrum of colours. 

Excellent for cosmetics, nails and crafts. 

Ultrafine Opaque Hologram 

The ultra-fine glitter flake (0.008) is a favourite for artists, crafters, nail salons, technical trades and anytime you need to do fine detail work that still packs lots of sparkle.

Refracted for a full spectrum of colours.

Excellent for cosmetics, nails and crafts.

Chunky Opaque Hologram

Larger polyester cut (.015 x .015) for more brilliance. Refracted for a full spectrum of colours. Excellent for cosmetics, nails and crafts.

If you would like any Holographic Glitter colours that we do not have on our site, let us know and we will bring them to you! Just write to us on the contact us button on the right hand side of the screen.

The full range of Art Glitter Holographic Glitter colours in either Ultrafine (UF) or Chunky (CH):

333 Red Zone UF

332 Red Rocket CH

131 Black Hole UF

334 Electra UF

255 Lunar Lake CH

190 Blue Yonder UF

341 Ballerina UF

252 Red Planet CH 

337 Challis UF

254 Stratosphere CH

329 Egyptian Blue UF

319 Princess UF

345 Pink Lame* CH       

126 C3 UF

328 Cairo CH

129 Nova UF

246 Mardi Gras UF

339 Charleston CH

134 Solaria UF

253 Aurora CH

135 Deep Space UF

247 Moulin Rouge UF

375 Solar Flare* CH

338 King’s Cup UF

124 Jet Eye CH

192 People Eater UF

138 Red Dwarf UF

344 Trucy* CH             

127 OB1 UF

130 Eclipse UF

340 Scarlett UF

368 Opulence* CH

128 Quark UF

125 R2 UF

137 Sunspot UF

335 Sun Ray CH

191 Neptune UF

136 Chromosphere UF

336 Alien UF

251 Comet CH

369 Martian* UF

320 Starship UF

331 Sun Burst UF

330 Quasar CH

121 Mermaid UF

248 Nebula UF