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Art Glitter - Glitter Slices


Art Glitter - Glitter Slices

To view and purchase different colours, please use the scroll down menu above. Each colour is sold separately. 

Art Glitter's Glitter Slices are small polyester glitter slices that elegantly accentuate plain areas. 

If you would like any Glitter Slices colours that we do not have on our site, let us know and we will bring them to you! Just write to us on the contact us button on the right hand side of the screen.

The full range of Art Glitter Glitter Slices:

C136 Graffiti

D140 Enchanting

D148 Sparks

D139 Capri

C143 Je t'aime

D137 Petunia

C163 Gaelic

C148 Xanadu

D136 White Fur

D142 Black Beard

D63 Nuts

C130 Rhodonite

D23 Water Wings

D141 Pixie

C162 Firefly

D24 Hi Ho Silver

D9 Jitterbug