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Art Glitter - Elements Earth Textures Glitter


Art Glitter  - Elements Earth Textures Glitter

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Each colour is sold separately

Textures are made from Mother Earth and enhanced by Art Glitter. Take your art to an exciting new level with these deep rich hues. finish with a matte, clear acrylic spray.

Each jar contains - 1 oz

With over 700 vibrant colors, exclusively designed by Barbara Trombley, Art Glitter is the favoriteTM choice of nail artists, crafters & artists. Our fine glitter remains unsurpassed in quality and sophistication.

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See and feel the difference! Choose from Opaque, Transparent, Pearlescent, Neon, Hologram, Microfine, Dazzlers, Vintage Glass Glitter, Glass Beads, Gala Glitz and Elements.

E1 Bee Hive

E11 Raisin

E21 Alpine

E31 Diggings

E41 Saffron

E2 Bran

E12 Silo

E22 Mud Pie

E32 Fairy Bed

E42 Yucca

E3 Carrot

E13 Sod

E23 Pebbles

E33 Cuttings E43 Silver Mine

E4 Cacao

E14 Spinach

E24 Petroglyph

E34 Flint
E44 Bed of Roses

E5 Country

E15 Split Pea

E25 Pottery

E35 Tailings E45 Pink Bud

E6 Field

E16 Trees

E26 Redland

E36 Hillside

E7 Honey Oak

E17 Walnuts

E27 Sediment

E37 Morocco

E8 Maize

E18 Yams

E28 Bark

E38 Knoll

E9 Meadows

E19 Cobblestone

E29 Cornmeal

E39 Nut Brown

E10 Pecan

E20 Good Earth

E30 Roots

E40 Ochre

If there are any colours we do not have on our site and you would like let us know and we will bring it to you! Just write to us on the contact us button on the righthand side of the screen