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Art Foamies - Kae Pea | Dissent | Foam Stamp


Art Foamies - Kae Pea | Dissent Collar | Foam Stamp

      Stamping with ArtFoamies

      • This listing is for one ArtFoamies stamp designed by Kae Pea! ArtFoamies Foam Stamps can be used with acrylic paint, fabric paint or inks. Easy clean-up. Decorate fabric, smooth walls, floors, furniture, curtains, tablecloths, scrapbook papers, gift wrap, mixed media and much more. A revolution in block printing. If it doesn't move - STAMP it!
      • Approx. image size 6" x 1"

      Recommended Surfaces

      • Pre-washed fabric – natural fibres like cotton, smooth linen, or dye-ready silk are best.
      • (Do not use fabric softener when preparing fabrics)
      • For best results, iron fabric before stamping. Pillows, aprons, canvases (primed or unprimed), paper and cardstock. Smooth walls, floors and furniture.
      • Unglazed clay, glazed pottery, cork, chalkboards, wood, and more.

      Recommended Paints and Pigments

      • Use any acrylic paints (but no oil-based paints).
      • Use water-based or water-cleanup mediums, pigments, and ink pads. Okay with non-alcohol, non-solvent spray mists.

      Special Effects

      • Load more than one colour on the StampBuddy.
      • Use a sponge, brush, or roller to add colour to ArtFoamies Stamps.
      • Paint fabric with a brush and use a clean ArtFoamies Stamp to lift colour.
      • (The lift technique works best if a lighter colour or extender is painted first).
      • Create shadow effects by stamping several times without more ink or paint.

      Tips and Tricks

      • Put a layer of padding (towel, felt, phone book pages) under fabric before stamping.
      • Make sure walls and furniture are clean and dry before stamping.
      • Take care not to rock the ArtFoamies Stamp so images remain crisp.
      • Don’t forget to heat set fabric paint per manufacturer’s instructions.
      • Spread out rolls or large sheets of paper to make gift wrap.
      • Stamp on top of patterned papers to create unique effects.

      Care and Storage

      • Rinse ArtFoamies Stamps with running water immediately after use.
      • Gently and thoroughly clean the grooves in the stamps.
      • Do not let paints or inks dry on the stamps.
      • Dish soap can be used if necessary, but do NOT use chemical cleaners.
      • Stamps may stain, but the stains won’t affect your art work
      • Rinse the StampBuddy before it dries; do not leave the StampBuddy in water.
      • Store ArtFoamies Stamps flat in shallow trays or boxes.
      • Make sure nothing presses into the stamps’ surface when they are stored.

      VIDEO :  Learn more about these very versatile ArtFoamies in the following videos.