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Arabian Patterns : Artists' Colouring Book


Arabian Patterns : Artists' Colouring Book

PEPIN Artists' Colouring Books contain 16 sheets (25 x 34.5 cm) of superior acid-free drawing paper, printed with exceptional designs in very light lines.

  • The printing is done in such a way that, depending on the techniques used, the original outline will be hardly visible after colouring.
  • The 180 gsm drawing paper is made to our specifications by one of the best paper mills in Europe and is suitable for a wide range of colouring applications, including pencil, crayon, pastel, felt marker, gouache, etc.
  • Also water colours and liquid inks can be used.
  • Our first-rate paper has a long life and coloured sheets can be framed and displayed without the risk of rapid deterioration.
  • PEPIN Artists' Colouring Books match the quality of the finest artists' pads.
  • They are perfectly suited to practice your colouring skills and create beautiful pieces at the same time.
  • In order to get the best results, we recommend you use high-quality colouring materials.

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