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AMACO Craft Clay Machine


AMACO Craft Clay Machine

AMACO Craft Clay Machine

Now you can make even, flat sheets, knead two colors together or simply soften any moist clay with the Craft Clay Machine from AMACO.

Techniques such as marbling and slab working become easier and faster when the clay is rolled through a pasta machine. The Craft Clay Machine has nine thickness settings, sturdy stainless steel construction and removable crank for easy storage. 

NOTE: After it has been used with clay, it should NOT be used with food.

Thickness Settings
There are 9 thickness settings on the AMACO Craft Clay Machine to roll out clay at the exact thickness for your project.

When you become more great at crafting with clay, you are able to begin using the so named clay pasta machine. It certainly makes blending polymer clay shades and rolling clay sheets a whole lot easier and most importantly cleaner.

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AMACO Craft Clay Machine