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Altenew Retractable Eraser & Refill Bundle


Altenew Retractable Eraser & Refill Bundle & Extra Refills Packs

The Retractable Eraser & Refill Bundles and extra refills are sold separately

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Altenew Retractable Eraser & Refill Bundle

Erase with ease using our artists' eraser bundle.

This is a bundle of Retractable Eraser and Retractable Eraser Refills.

Our handy retractable eraser features a sturdy white eraser contained within a plastic pen-shaped casing. It will cleanly erase pencil marks without tearing or leaving residue on your projects. You will be able to store it easily with your other crafting and stationery tools. Simply click the plastic tab on the side to advance or retract the eraser. You can also use the eraser to condition your stamps.

Our refills will help you maximize the use of your Retractable Eraser so you never run out.


    • Erases cleanly without leaving marks or scratches
    • Perfect for clear stamp conditioning
    • Each eraser measures 2.9" x 0.4" x 0.4"

More refills available