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Altenew - Build-A-Flower - Primrose Layering Stamp


Altenew - Build-A-Flower - Primrose Layering Stamp

It features three 4-layer primrose flowers including an outline and 3 color layers, as well as two 3-layer leaves. These stamps are perfect for creating gorgeous floral backgrounds, wreaths, and more.

  • The images are accompanied by many unique and inspiring sentiments, including a beautiful hand lettered sentiment of the word "amazing."
  • The Build-A-Flower: Primrose special edition stamp includes one 6" x 8" clear photopolymer stamp set (33 individual stamp images).


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This set includes thirteen coordinating sentiments to inspire your loved ones, as well as 2 exclamation points to add to your messages:

  • you will do
  • I think
  • you are
  • nothing short of
  • amazing
  • hello there
  • it amazes me how
  • I don't think you realize how
  • day
  • hey lady,
  • things
  • have an
  • birthday

Fun Flower Facts About Primroses:

Learn about some special characteristics of primroses for craft inspiration when you use this stamp and die set.

  • Primroses come in many varieties and colors, the most popular of which is a creamy yellow.
  • They grow in simple clusters on an upright stem.
  • The beautiful bell-shaped flowers can come in many different colors including blue, purple, orange.