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Altenew - Bright Bouquet Decal Set - Mini


Altenew - Bright Bouquet Decal Set - Mini

  • Choose joy with these delightful decals.
  • This decal set features four beautiful adhesive decals, including a gorgeous floral arrangement and matching bouquet.
  • The colors are a vibrant yet modern mix of green, purple, fuchsia, yellow, and orange.
  • We have finished off the set with two sentiment phrases: "choose joy" and "happiness is craftiness."
  • These sweet decals will be right at home on your cell phone case, laptop, craft desk, or any favorite personal item!
  • Adorn your projects, phone, computer, journals, furniture, and even your walls with our stunning decals!
  • They feature designs and phrases with an elegance that you have come to expect from Altenew.
  • They have been created with the crafter in mind, yet are versatile and timeless enough for anyone looking to add more beauty to their life.

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  • 3.3" x 5.5"