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Aladine Seth Apter - Izink Ice


Aladine Seth Apter - Izink Ice

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  • This unique and amazing Translucent paint creates a coloured ice effect that is great for almost ANY surface. It is easy to apply with a pallet, knife or brush and can be fully translucent or solid depending how you apply your layer. Izink Ice is perfect for paper-crafting, home decor or textile projects. Feel liberated to mix different colours and create your very own unique and wonderfully colourful backgrounds or simply use ICE with a stencil to create fabulous images ! ICE is QUICK-DRY so you don't need to hang around to create layered effects or suffer those annoying dry-times. The Izink signature pouch will ensure nothing is wasted and absolutely minimises the chance of the product drying out.
  • Izink Ice is an innovative art medium with a translucent paint that creates a coloured ice effect.
  • Works on All surfaces including Paper, textile, wood, glass and ceramic.
  • Washable on textile at 40 degrees (no need to heat set).
  • Permanent on ceramic when heat set in an oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

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