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3Doodler Colourful Refills


3Doodler Colourful Refills

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Each colour pack is sold seperately

ABS – Use for 3Doodling from stencils, making bendable items like jewellery or a tiara, making spirals and drawing upwards from the page.
PLA – Use for 3Doodling on Windows, metal and an array of surfaces (it sticks better), and for those lovely translucent 3Doodles.

FLEXY -No longer are you bound by the rigid constraints of hard plastic! With the introduction of our new Flexy line you can now squeeze, stretch, and twist your creations providing a truly dynamic 3Doodle experience.

ECO: the 3Doodler Eco-Plastic goes a long way. Each 6″ (15cm) stand gives you over 60″ (150cm) of Doodling, giving you hours of play in each pack!

ABS Plastic Packs: ‘Essentials’ Pack, ‘Meta’ Pack, ‘Put On Yo’ Shades’ Pack, ‘Highlighter’ Pack, ‘Hipster Hues’ Pack, ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, ‘Bohemian Blend’

PLA Plastic Packs: ‘Essentials’ Pack, ‘Meta’ Pack, ‘Clearly Awesome’ Pack, ‘Festive Shimmer’ Pack, ‘Winter Wonderland’ Pack, ‘The Essentials’ Pack, ‘Khakis & Cream’, ‘Rainforest Raver’ Pack, ‘BubbleGum’ Pack, ‘Fall Foliage’ Pack, ‘Clearly Springtime’ Pack, ‘Clearly Autumn’ Pack, ‘Boogie Nights’ Pack

FLEXY Plastic Packs: ‘Retro’ Pack, ‘Raise the Flag’, ‘Super Fruit’

Start ECO Plastic Packs: ‘Fire and Ice’, ‘Primary Pow’.


  • ABS, PLA and FLEXY plastics also come in singles (25 stands per pack).

3Doodler Colourful Refills - also take a look at our -  3Doodler Create Pen , the 3Doodler Start Essentials Setthe 3Doodler book - What will I create? that will give you many ideas on what, how and maybe why :-)