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3000 Color Mixing Recipes: Watercolor


3000 Color Mixing Recipes: Watercolor

  • This book is a practical and inspirational manual that shows you a huge range of colour mixes in watercolour. The aim of the book is to encourage you to get to know colours well and be motivated to explore and experiment with colour.
  • Use the book as a handy reference when you want to know how to mix a specific colour, or as a catalogue of inspiration when seeking ideas to try in your work.
  • The handy colour viewing card included can be used to view each colour swatch in isolation. This will help sharpen your perception of the colour or allow you to pinpoint a specific shade to use in your own work.

  • Julie Collins studied Fine Art at the University of Reading and has been an artist, writer and teacher since then. She has written colour mixing and artist's problem solving books and writes for The Artist magazine. She works from her studio in Farnham, Surrey, where she explores her passion for painting, drawing and crafts. She is the author of numerous books for David and Charles and Search Press.
  • Includes handy colour viewing card to view swatches in isolation.
  • All mixes are made from just 2 colours, so are easy to replicate.

ISBN: 9781446308196
Format: Spiralbound
Publication date: 01/07/2020
Pages: 144
Dimension: 210mm X 148mm

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