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Diamond Facet Art Kit - Diamond Dotz®


Diamond Facet Art Kit - Diamond Dotz®

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 Diamond Dotz® is a new craft where you make beautiful designs using tiny "Diamond" like facets. These amazing kits come with everything you will need to complete your spectacular work. 

Add a little sparkle to your world with the diamond facet art kit. This is a great way to master a new craft technique, adding shimmering diamond-inspired details to your designs.

Diamond Dotz art kits recreate the look of diamonds with stunning sparkling facets, reflecting the light beautifully and giving you superior, non-fading colour. The kits use strong adhesive to ensure that your dots remain secure within your design, ensuring the end results of every project gives you an amazing, lasting finish.

Kit Contains

  • 1 pc High Quality Colour Printed Fabric. 
  • DIAMOND DOTZ® pre-sorted by shade.
  • 1 pc each DIAMOND DOTZ® Craft Tray, Stylus, Soft Grip & Wax Caddy.
  • Complete Pictorial Instructions in EN, DE, FR, NL, IT, PL, RO, TR, EL, AR, ES, SE, DK, NO, RU.


"Romantic Peacocks":

  • 57 x 49 cm design size.
  • 65 x 57 cm fabric size.

    "The Kiss (KLIMT)" / "Sunflowers (VAN GOGH)":

    • 55.9 X 71.12 cm design size.
    • 64 x 80 cm fabric size.

      "Hey There":

      • 42 x 52 cm design size.
      • 49.5 x 60 cm fabric size.

      "Red Poppy Field":

      • 60 x 42 cm design size.
      • 68 x 49.5 cm fabric size.

        "Flutterby White":

        • 30.5 x 30.5 cm design size.
        • 38 x 38 cm fabric size.

        "Blue Vase":

        • 52 x 52 cm design size.
        • 59.5 x 59.5 cm fabric size. 

        "Paisley Groove":

          • 20 x 20 cm design size.
          • 25 x 25 cm fabric size.

          "Hot Lips":

            • 30 x 30 cm design size.
            • 38 x 38 cm fabric size.