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NSW Back to School Vouchers

NSW Back to School Vouchers

Procedure on how to obtain and use your Back to School voucher/s

Step 1:
Apply for your Service NSW Back to School Vouchers at:
Service NSW
Step 2:
Place you order and use one of the following codes when checking out:
  • For 1 voucher use the code: BTS$50
  • For 2 vouchers use the code: BTS$100
  • For 3 vouchers use the code: BTS$150
NOTE: only one code can be entered per order
Step 3:
Enter your Back to School voucher (s) and the corresponding child's date of birth in the notes section of your order
To find service NSW
Click on the above link to reach service NSW or alternatively type in where you find the URL of the site you are at or looking for.