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WOW Embossing Powders - Melt It - Large Jars - 160ml


WOW Embossing Powders - Melt It -Large Jars - 160mls

  • Melt-It works as an extender for your WOW! Embossing Powders.
  • Melt-It heats and melts faster than any other embossing enamel or embossing powder.
  • Melt-It is perfect for creating 3D objects such as jewellery pendants, card toppers or even flower centres!
  • Supplied in a 160ml jar.
  • Use our WOW Melting-It Case

    Take a look at all WOW! Embossing Glitter!! and our wide range of colours and textures in our  15ml/0.50oz Jars and other WOW 160mls Jars our latest 2021 range