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Waffle Flower Colour Swatch & Colour Wheel Collection

Waffle Flower Colour Swatch & Colour Wheel Collection

Color Swatches is a great all-around swatching set while Color Wheels helps you create the most accurate colour-mixing references with the supplies you have on hand.

Swatch Tag Combo contains the 2”x3” Swatch Stamp Set for quick-n-easy applications and the coordinating Swatch Tag Die to cutout ATC sized tags (2-½” x 3-1/2”) with piercing details and hole re-enforcers.

A professionally printed guide will be included in the Colour Swatches Combo. Please note that all dies are packaged with the stamps in M or XL Cloud Storage Pockets.

All items can be bought separately or in a bundle saving you 10%.

There are three product lines to choose from:

  • Colour Swatches - die, stamp & combo
  • Colour Wheel  - die, stamp & combo
  • Swatch Tag - die, stamp & combo

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