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Vizyon Muffin Mix - Chocolate


Vizyon Muffin Mix

Vizyon Muffin Mix

    Vizyon Chocolate Muffin Mix (Cocoa):

    • Vizyon Chocolate Muffin Mix (Cocoa) is perfect for bakeries, cafes and restaurants. With a fantastic taste and texture, the Vizyon Muffin Mix provides a genuine, natural flavour.
    • Vizyon cake mixes have a high volume and fine soft texture. As such, they assist you to maintain the standard flavour and quality while keeping their freshness for a longer time. For high quantity baking, the powder mixture will ensure you make fantastic tasting muffins for longer.
    • For added ideas, add some Vizyon Concentrated Pastry paste to your mix to get a range of flavours to your muffins.
    • The Vizyon Cocoa Muffin Mix is a vegan cake mix in its powder form – use a suitable egg replacer or substitute in the recipe to create truly vegan muffins.

        Product Features:

        • Vegan cake mix.
        • Freeze-thaw stable.
        • Cost-efficient and versatile range.
        • Consistent formula and taste.

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