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Unicorn Spit

In February of 2015 Unicorn SPiT™ was born! The demand for the color was greater than her furniture so Michelle decide to put down the sander and pick up the whisk.

Selling off most of her own furniture, electronics and anything else of value so she could give the world the first ever Functional Art Therapy CREATiVE JUiCE™, Michelle put every penny she had into buying supplies to brew her unique concoction. She spent countless hours on social media singing its praises and finally getting a fan base built up of SPiTTERS! as they affectionately call themselves. Throughout it all, one things still drives Michelle and that’s the light in peoples eyes when they use the product. Art therapy is and always will be the reason Unicorn SPiT exists.

From a fun arts and crafts project to a real life business that employees 7 people full time, Unicorn SPiT has become a family of loving, caring people who all have a like mind and love to help others. The mission for the company remains the same and that is hope, creativity, and healing.

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