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Taylored Expressions - Hot Flash Grumplings Stamps


Taylored Expressions - Hot Flash Grumplings Stamp 



  • Let's face it - the hormonal roller coaster that is menopause is no laughing matter... unless you can celebrate it with the snarky humor of our Hot Flash Grumplings!

  • Featuring stamps of an emotionally-fraught panda, chick, hedgehog and zebra, along with a few coping mechanisms (wine, coffee and a fan). 

  • Also includes several fun and funny sentiments that perfectly sum up The Change:

    • Warning: Hormonal... do not approach
    • Welp! No more eggs from me.
    • Momma said there'd be days like this.
    • We're still hot! It just comes in flashes now.


          This product is part of our  Taylored Expressions - May 2022 Collection 

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