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StencilGirl - Trish McKinney

StencilGirl - Trish McKinney

  • I am a Teacher - passionate to inspire and connect everyone to the creator within themselves.
  • I am a Painter - constantly curious and experimental, thinking outside the box, and always asking "what if."
  • I am a Dreamer - who steps into my dreams and makes them a reality.
  • I am a Believer - living my life expectantly and abundantly - thinking "as if" it has already happened.
  • I am an Artist - telling a story through my paintings.

Trish McKinney, is a national and international award winning artist who loves to tell a story through her paintings. She is a professional artist who enjoys painting in watercolor, acrylics, and mixed media. Emotional color, the relationships of the human spirit, and capturing moments, are what intrigues this artist the most. Trish enjoys telling a story and dancing with the Creator. Being fascinated with texture, shapes, and layers of understanding – Trish developed her line of stencils for personal use in her paintings. As a result, her paintings are a rich discovery of multi-faceted surfaces.

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