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Stencil Girl Music Geek & Tea Stencil Collection by Sandee Setliff

Stencils from new designer, Sandee Setliff & returning designer, Roxanne Evans Stout

Tea, music, animals, and natural elements - our stencil designers have created stencils for your mixed media, art journaling, and card-making fancies.

Stencil Girl Music Geek & Tea Stencil Collection by Sandee Setliff

Music Geek, Musical Roundabout and Musical Notes Mandala are small 6"x6" stencils.
Are you a Music Geek?

It happens to nearly everyone: You hear a bit of a pop song on your way to work and it gets "stuck" in your head all day. Whether you are a music enthusiast or not, music is a way for you toย  express your feelings ~ anger, love, passion, joy, etc.

How will you fill the open space in Musical Roundabout?

Musical Notes Mandala Stencil

Music can bring people in our world together in many ways. Rhythm and music abound in nature all around us โ€“ the rhythmic drumming of the surf, the measured meter of rain, the winds, the melodic tunes of song birds and is a natural means of self expression. Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. Painting, coloring or drawing mandalas allows for our creative brain to come out and play.

Tea Cup, Doily, and Tea Bag are mini stencils Sandee has created for card-making or use anywhere in your art.

Tea has existed as a beverage since 2000 B.C. The brewing, serving, and drinking of tea are time-honored rituals throughout the world. Tea improves mental clarity and focus which bolsters our creative juices.ย  It also promotes a calming sensation, and it makes you quite meditative. You can use this tea cup in your art journal or send it to someone on a homemade card. The little tea bag tag is perfect for a sentiment or a design.

Doilies, back in the 19th Century, were practical to protect the furniture from scratches and wear, were conversation pieces and of course showed the talent and taste of the lady of the house. Still practical, you can continue to repeat this Doily Stencil design for backgrounds to build up layers of texture and pattern in art journaling, mixed media, or use with the tea cup stencil to create a cozy setting.

Until the early 20th century, tea was sold loose. Tea bags were invented quite by accident in 1904 when Thomas Sullivan, an enterprising merchant, wrapped samples of tea leaves in silk bags and sent them to prospective customers, some of whom dipped the bags directly into boiling water. Use the Tea Bag Tag Stencil for journaling or for writing a sentiment.ย 

Check out Sandee's In the Hills of North Carolina blog where is sharing a video tutorial with some of her stencils.ย 
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