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Spectrum Noir Ink-Pads

Spectrum Noir Ink-Pads

Spectrum Noir Ink-PadsSpectrum Noir Ink-Pads

  •  Finesse Water Proof
    • Finesse by Spectrum Noir Alcohol-Proof Dye Inkpad - has been developed to give you a crisp detailed impression when stamping. This ink pad is fast drying and gives you guaranteed smear-free results when using alcohol markers as your chosen colouring medium. Team the Finesse Alcohol Proof Ink-pads with your Spectrum Noir alcohol markers for perfect results every time.
  •  Harmony Water Reactive
    • Harmony by Spectrum Noir Water Reactive Dye Ink-pad has been developed as a colouring medium rather than for stamping images. These inkpads are perfect for blending, diffusing and re-working colour as they have an extra long 'open time'. They have a slow drying time allowing you to re-work with water to create a stunning range of blended distress effects.  Use with our range of Spectrum Noir blending tools which have been developed to help you achieve amazing effects. 
  •  Watermark (Translucent Clear)
    • Watermark by Spectrum Noir Water Proof Inkpad - Translucent Clear has been developed primarily for resist techniques and heat set embossing. As well as being perfect for creating striking resist and heat set embossing it gives a wonderfully subtle water-marked impression on both paper and card.
  •  Spectrum Noir Ink Pad Storage Trays
    • Perfect way to store you inkpads


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