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Creative PL Chalk Stencils


Creative PL Chalk Stencils

These large durable stencils will capture the imagination of young artists outdoors. Turn sidewalks, garage floors and driveways into colourful art exhibits. These durable stencils can easily be cleaned with soap and water after use.

  • 10 different stencil designs with customised artwork
  • 4 colours
  • Images include planet Saturn, rocket ship, hot-air balloon, icecream, cupcake, dinosaurs, owl, fish, helicopter, trains, frog, snail, fairy, heart, kangaroo, kookaburra, stars, turtle, cloud moon etc. 
  • Stencil size: 21cm x 21cm x 0.5mm
  • Suitable both for sidewalk & blackboard art
  • Use all types of sidewalk or regular chalks.