VIVA Decor Perlen & Glitter Pens

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VIVA Decor Perlen & Glitter Pens

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VIVA Perlen and Glitter Pens

  • Quickly and easily create beautiful dimensional shimmering pearl details in a variety of sizes on your paper-craft, textile and wood projects with this Pearl maker pen.
  • Suitable for application onto papers, textiles, wood and terracotta. To use - hold the pen vertically and apply even light pressure to the squeezeable tube.
  • Add gorgeous pearl accents to your creative projects. Simply apply the paint directly from the pen to your project media to create a lovely bead. 
  • Pearl pen is water-based and non-toxic. It is machine washable water resistant and weatherproof.
  • Comes in  0.84 oz bottles of pearl pen magic that is water based and non-toxic.
VIVA Perlen and Glitter Pens

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