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PaperArtsy E³ Scrapcosy - Raquel Burillo

In all my releases, there is one image that normally inspires me to create one stamp set. This time, one single image inspired me to create the whole 3 sets, and that was the big seahorse. I imagined my seahorse in a plate full of nautical images, algae, ships, a compass, fish, shells… Obviously I could’t fit all in one plate, so Leandra told me: “Why don’t you do 3 of them?” That was the perfect solution! Otherwise I would still be deciding which images would make it, because I love them all…

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With ESC10 you can create beautiful underwater scenes with the fish, the algae and the seabed composition I created. With ESC11 you can go more over the surface of the sea, navigation and sea tales can be recreated with the ships and all the nautical elements. And finally ESC12 brings us curious and interesting creatures that live in the sea and remind me of old myths, so I created a title composition “The History of the Sea” that can be used to introduce these characters.  The 3 stencils provide you with some background elements and some titles to pair the stamp sets.

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