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Mont Marte - Clay Tool Set Signature 14pc


Mont Marte - Clay Tool Set Signature 14pc

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  • If you’re thinking about spending the day sculpting, you’ll want our Clay Tool Set 14pc by your side!
  • Inside the set are 14 different tools to help you smooth, flatten, shape and score clay.
  • Whether you’re working on polymer, air dry, ceramic or pottery projects, this clay sculpting set is up for anything.
  • Plus, these clay modelling tools are ideal for creating those fine details, patterns or placing small objects.
  • Pick up some clay sculpting tools to give yourself an extra helping hand at home, in class or at the studio.
  • Includes 14 different tools for shaping, smoothing and modelling.
  • Use to smooth and flatten, shape or score.
  • Ideal for creating precise details, etching, patterns and placing small objects.
  • Ideal for polymer, air dry and ceramic clay.
  • Techniques: Carving, Assembling, Modelling, Casting, Polishing, Chiselling, Embossing, Engraving.

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