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Surfpaints - Skateboard Deck & Premium 8 Pack Save 10%

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Surfpaints - Skateboard Deck  & Premium 8 Pack Save 10%

Surfpaints are Paint Pens Made For Surfboards, Skateboards, Helmets and more! Surfpaints are acrylic, water-based, non toxic and fade resistant paint pens that are designed to have the best adhesion to fibreglass and foamy slick surfboards and accessories. The paint pens can be used anywhere and work well on every surf accessory including fins and leashes.

  • The Surfpaints acrylic paint pen is the ideal “All Rounder.” The size of the nib is 4mm which is perfectly suited to complete any DIY projects. The bullet shaped nib allows a perfectly controlled application on surfboards and a variety of surfaces including wood, glass, canvas, plastic, ceramic, rocks, fabric, cardboard, metals and more. The nibs are also reversible to 1mm and perfect for any type of intricate paint project and are removable and washable with water. 
  • Surfpaints can be stored in the car, shed, suitcase or board bag and should be readily available to get creative whenever those inspired moments pop up!
  • Surfpaints are 100% travel safe and can be safely transportable anywhere in the world.
  • Acrylic Water Based Markers that are Non Toxic & Waterproof Once Dried.
  • The Paint Pens Nibs Are 4mm in diameter and perfect for any type of paint project on a Surfboard and Accessories such as Fins, Leashes, Board Covers etc.
  • Paint Pen Nibs Are Bullet Shape Which Are Removable And Washable With Water.
  • Waterproof.
  • Works on more than 12 surfaces.
  • Guaranteed Adhesion to Surfboards.
  • Removable Nibs.
  • Travel Approved.
  • UV Fade Resistant.

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Use these not only for surboards but also for skateboards, skimboards, wakeboards, helmets and others

The Premium 8 Pack includes:

  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Green 
  • Light Blue
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow 
  • White