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Liquitex - Liquithick Thickening Gel 8oz/237ml Medium


Liquitex - Liquithick Thickening Gel 8oz/237ml Medium

Liquitex -  Liquithick Thickening Gel  8oz/237ml Medium

Liquitex offers a variety of speciality products which have been specifically designed to achieve various techniques applications and special effects when used with acrylic painting. The Liquithick Thickening Gel additive thickens paint without adding transparency. Suitable for water soluble acrylic paint and acrylic paint mediums. Used in small amounts produces handling characteristics like that of oil or encaustic paint. In higher concentrations it can thicken paint or acrylic mediums to a sculptural consistency. Produces a matt surface sheen when dried. Does not increase transparency. Archival quality. Liquitex Paint Additives are similar to acrylic mediums in that they are mixed into acrylic paint and acrylic mediums to change consistency thickness transparency sheen drying time and absorption rate. However they are different in that they do not contain acrylic polymer emulsion and therefore have no binding qualities inherent in them. 237ml.