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Lindy's Gang - Glitzy Magicals


Lindy's Gang - Glitzy Magicals


Lindy's Gang Latest Colours - Gleaming Gold Magical - 2020
  • Can't get enough shimmer? 

  • Need to create metallic looks without the metal? How about being able to go crazy with as much shimmer, shine, metal glitz & luster as your heart desires?  

  • We've got you! 

    Our Glitzy Magicals are JUST the shimmer, (and a little fixative to tame their wild ways).  Add as much or as little as you want to ANY medium, (magicals, sprays, pastes, gels, you name it...)!  Create a metallic effect easily! 

    • 0.25oz jar
    • Non-toxic, acid-free
    • Lightfast & safe
    • Made in the USA
    • The Glitzy Magicals  include:

      • Scintillating Silver - a gorgeous, sparkling silver (same as in the Glitz Spritz set)
      • Glitzy Gold - a deep, rich glorious gold
      • Show Stopper Copper -  the name says it all; amazing, sparkly copper
      • Ritzy Rose Gold - a deep, rich rose gold
      • Snazzy Sparkle - shimmer on crack!  As close to an iridescent as we could find & super sparkly
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      Lindy's Gang Latest Colours - Gleaming Gold Magical - 2020