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Lindy's Gang - Details - Embossing Powders


Lindy's Gang - Details - Embossing Powders 

  • Lindy's detail embossing powders are super fine, (no really! super super fine embossing powder)! Great for lettering and detailed embossing!  

  • These powders are totally opaque and won't show the underlying color after melting! 

  • Simply sprinkle it over ink or other wet materials, warm it with your heat gun, and watch your design come to life.

  • Non-toxic, acid-free and made in the USA. 

  • Each colour sold separately and appears under variant
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Colours Include

  • WOWZERS WHITE is a true white super fine, detail powder.
  • BOOGIE DOWN BLACK is a true black super fine, detail powder.
  • COOL MAN COPPER is a true metallic copper super fine, detail powder.
  • SLAM DUNK SILVER is a true shiny metallic silver super fine, detail powder.
  • GIMME FIVE GOLD is a true shiny metallic gold super fine, detail powder.
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