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Boom Gel Stain - Limited Edition - 3 new colours


Boom Gel Stain - Limited Edition - 3 new colours

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Boom Gel Stain - Metallics

Beautiful metallic options to give your project a special finish. The limited Edition include:

  • Fawn
  • Dusty Rose
  • Emerald

Lustrous Pearlescent Colours add a soft pearl finish to your art with this beautiful pearl effect that has a rich lustre and reflects the light.


Boom Gel Stain is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly stain that can be used on nearly any surface to transform boring into beautiful, and drab into fab! Create amazing, beautiful and unique custom boomed works of art.

Experience the amazing versatility of this brand new product – Boom Gel Stain. With a huge range of applications including canvas, timber, glass, fabric and many other products and surfaces. Boom will reignite your creativity.

Boom Gel Stain is perfect for modernizing items you already own, change the appearance of new purchases and creating gifts. It is the perfect addition to your crafty supplies.

Suitable for all levels of ability  

Boom Gel Stain is a hazard-free product, making it the perfect craft for any age and ability.


Boom Gel Stain is an environmentally friendly product that is safe to use while caring for the world we live in.


Boom Gel Stain is a multi-purpose stain that can be used for many craft projects and on many applications.
Sold in 250 mls bottles. Available in 1 litre bottles on request
Comes in three colour ranges
Boom Gel Stain - Metallics
Boom Gel Stain - MetallicsBoom Gel Stain - MetallicsBoom Gel Stain - Metallics