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Henley's Glitter Gel Pens - 10 Pack


Henley's Glitter Gel Pens - 10 Pack

This pack of glitter gel pens will add a fun element to your writing, designs and creations – a smart pick for your pencil case or craft collection.

  • 10 Glitter gel pens
  • Ideal for writing invitations, notes, and crafting

They're perfect for making handmade cards, illustrating photo albums, diaries, and journals, or creating attention-grabbing graphics on study notes. Or, use them to create colourful pictures, decorate crafts, or add a colourful touch to your scrapbook.

Easy enough for children to use, these glitter pens make the perfect gift for the kiddies in your life. Combine them with a colouring book and some paper for the ultimate gift for the young artist.

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