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Tonic Studios - Nuvo - Glitter Accents - 7 colours


Tonic Studios - Nuvo - Glitter Accents 

Each colour is sold separately.
To view or purchase the different colours please use the scroll down menu above.
  • The Glitter Accents enable you to create a three-dimensional glitter effect on any project with this shimmering adhesive, perfect for decorating, papercraft and mixed media projects.
  • As an alternative to Glitter Drops, the Accents allow you to decorate with a textured finish instead of a self-levelling dome.
  • For a different effect, spread the product out thinly across a large area to produce a textured glitter backdrop.
  • Three dimensional glitter adhesive
  • Three unique colours
  • Precision nozzle
  • Decorative textured finish
  • Ergonomic bottle design
  • 50ml/1.7fl.oz bottle