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Elmer's Glue


Today, Elmer's offers a complete line of adhesives for school, craft, home & office and repair, as well as a line of presentation materials including foam boards and project display boards.

Elmer's mission is to help people create, build and learn for life. From teachers to woodworkers, and DIY'ers to Crafters, Elmer's has a product line specially designed to meet changing consumer needs and to help ensure successful results.


Create Your Crafting Styles at School With Elmer's Glue

Elmer's Adhesive is the number one brand of School Glue. This type of glue is very convenient for school needs and crafting projects. It is non-toxic, no-run, washable and safe for children to use. You can easily apply it on paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and fabric surfaces. The glue will stay in place and will not run once applied, which reduces accidental unwanted mess. It is also perfect for kids at home while they are exploring things they like to do. Our Elmer's School glue is easy to squeeze and spread over the surface you are using for your project.

The Glue That Lets You Create an Excellent Piece

Elmer's Glue is additionally available with a clear and washable glue formula, made of less harsh chemicals for everyone's safety. This also helps reduce your usage and exposure to chemicals that can further affect your health and environment, which is an excellent option for children who are learning how to use glue. Elmer’s Washable Glue applies clear on any semi-porous surface, from paper and carton to wood, and stays clear after thoroughly drying. Your kids will surely love making their slimes using our washable glue, and it is just what you will need for any school projects.

Specially Formulated For You

Are you looking for something special? Your kids will surely love this! At Arts and Crafts Online, we offer Elmer's classic glitter glue that will add a bold pop of glitter to your art and creative school projects. This classic glitter glue supports endless imagination, even if you want to use it for decoration, painting, gluing or even the making of slimes. We offer a variety of blue, gold, pink and silver colours at a very affordable price.Β 

Elmer's Glue is everyone's favourite because of the no-mess, easy application and its permanent bond. This adhesive will give an explosion of colour to any of your crafting projects as it smoothly works on various paper types. Our product range is designed to empower educators and strengthen children's learning, imagination, and self-expression. It is a handy item to have for all artwork and scrapbooking.

Buy the Finest Adhesives and Glues Online

Elmer's is a trustworthy brand for igniting innovation and creativity within classrooms, homes, and workshops. It provides a wide range of adhesives for different projects, including display and foam boards. Arts and Crafts Supplies encourages people to create, develop and learn for life, reaching your creative goals and successful results.

Find everything you need for crafting supplies. At Arts and Crafts Supplies Online Australia, we offer a wide range of glue and markers from Elmer's and provide free delivery on orders over $50!

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