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Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool Accessory - Universal Stencil Converters


Sizzix - Stencil & Stamp Tool Accessory - Universal Stencil Converters

Sizzix is a leader in the crafting world and always comes up with amazing products to make our crafting life so much easier. This set of 10 Universal Stencil Converters will live up to the quality that Sizzix always produces. These converters will change the way we use our stencils! 

Content: This package contains 10 Universal Stencil Converters from Sizzix. 

Size: The Universal Stencil Converters measure 5" in length x 0.875" in width and the adhesive area measures 2.75" in length x 0.375" in height. 


  • This package contains 10 Universal Stencil Converters designed by Sizzix. 
  • These Universal Stencil Converters coordinate with the Sizzix Stencil and Stamp Tool (sold separately). 
  • These converters are made from heavy clear plastic and will last a long time. 
  • The adhesive on these converters can be reused many times. 
  • These converters work with the majority of stencils (sold separately) on the market.  

Are there enough qualities with this product that you feel you want to buy these converters for your stencils? I am ready to take the plunge so I no longer have to make mistakes and start over when I am stenciling. I know that Sizzix is behind this product 100% and the quality will be amazing. 

Compatibility: These Universal Stencil Converters work with the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool (sold separately) which works universally with all stencils. 

How to Use the Universal Stencil Converters: 

  • Place the adapter on the stencil base (both sold separately). 
  • Place the converter on the adapter, and align adapter pins with the holes on the converter. 
  • Remove the adhesive liner from the converter. 
  • Align the stencil onto the converter and press firmly against the adhesive. 
  • For layering stencils, remove the first stencil after applying medium (sold separately), replace it with the second stencil and apply your medium, and repeat as many times as needed. 

For the love of stenciling, you will need this product. It will now be so much easier to keep the stencils where they belong and these converters will help make your coloring tools much easier to use. If you are ready to make gorgeous stenciled cards and other projects, you too will need this stencil converter! 

Number of Pieces: 10.