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Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner

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Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner

Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner

  • Acrylic Revolution is your essential, all-in-one guide for acrylic painting techniques and more.
  • It features over 101 ways to break through the boundaries of conventional painting and re-define the creative potential of this all-purpose medium.
  • Every page provides insight on how to use acrylic paint in ways you never thought possible to create stunning visual effects and textures.
  • 128 pages.

Nancy Reyner Leads an Acrylic Revolution

Sometimes we just need a little revolt. Just a little push or change to make us take nothing for granted. It’s that way in art and in life. For life…I’ll leave your personal revolts to you, lol. But in painting, you never want the work to feel like anything other than play. I look to Nancy Reyner to see where she leads in this regard. An accomplished acrylic artist, Nancy creates incredibly powerful paintings by playing through techniques that aren’t taught in any class I’ve taken before. Instead, she pushes the medium and experiments with gesture and layers, and the results are kinda wondrous. You can almost feel the joy they are steeped in.

Play with Your Tools

Nancy stress that you can paint with acrylic on so many different surfaces. The same is true about the tools you paint with. Here are a few to try:






Branches, leaves, or flowers