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Mont Marte - Precision Craft Knife Signature 3pc


Mont Marte - Precision Craft Knife Signature 3pc

  • Artists, crafters, hobbyists and DIY’ers will get heaps of use from our Precision Craft Knife 3pc.
  • This set includes a durable aluminium knife body, three precision blades, a safety cap, and a carry case.
  • The blades are made from high quality SK5 heat-treated steel, meaning they’ll stay sharp for longer.
  • You can do a lot with this nifty set, including cutting, carving, sharpening pencils and more.
  • Plus, they’re suitable for a range of materials, including soft wood and cardboard making this crafting knife set a great multi-use tool for your creative projects.
  • Includes aluminium knife body, 3 x precision blades with safety cap.
  • High quality long lasting SK5 steel blades.
  • Ideal for cutting and carving, sharpening pencils and more.
  • Great for art, craft, modelling, hobbies and workshops.
  • Use with a range of materials including soft wood, cardboard, leather, most plastics, paper, fabric, and wax.
  • Handy Hint: Handle with care and use under adult supervision, Place the safety cap on knife after use, Use a cutting mat or protective surface under your project, Hold craft knife like a pencil.
  • Techniques: Carving, Cutting, including curved patterns, shapes or letters, Stencilling, Scoring, Applique.

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