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Crafter's Companion - Professional Guillotine 8.5" (Small)


Crafter's Companion - Professional Guillotine 8.5" (Small)

  • Crafter's Companion Guillotine Small is a very handy little guillotine. Not only can you trim your paper to size but it comes with an embedded scoreboard allowing you to score at the same time with the integrated score tool.
  • The score lines are 0.25" apart allowing for precise and accurate scoring. It has an easy to grip handle and built-in finger guard for protection and has a cutting platform of 8.75" x 6.25". 
  • The actual size of the guillotine is 12.4" x 8.58" with a cutting platform of 8.75 x 5.75" 
  • Built-in scoreboard with integrated score tool.
  • Lightweight and portable with an easy grip handle and finger guard for protection.

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